I think as long as you choose the correct ‘strain’ to suit your lifestyle, you really can’t go past a Labrador for a work companion or a much loved family pet. She is slight with slender legs, a narrowish face and very energetic, does that make her American? La parte migliore di avere un labrador, è che ci sono molti modi divertenti per allenarlo e stimolarlo mentalmente. “The name English Labrador, is a bit of a misnomer. Consider whether now is the right time for your Labrador adventure to begin, with this article: 6 things to consider before getting a Labrador. As far as the breed standard is concerned, there is only one Labrador Retriever. The English Lab has to be one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. At the same time, those working their dogs were increasingly breeding not just hunting companions, but dogs aimed at succeeding in competitions known as field trials. So in a sense, all Labradors are “English,” despite the fact that all early Labradors were working dogs. But it shouldn’t. A very interesting article. You’ll need a good grounding in basic training skills, and if this is your first time, you might enjoy my Foundations Skills course. There are two types, show or field, the show being the heavier stocky build favoured in the show ring and the field which is lighter in build with a more energetic temperament more suited to working in the field. The way he looked at me with those beautiful eyes, he got whatever he wanted. She has a very playful and loving disposition. Hubs replaced our American Lab mix after he passed at 14 years old. In the second half of the twentieth century, exhibiting dogs became increasingly popular. I currently have a chocolate English lab, Coco. And you can find out whether or not your dog is fat rather than just “big” using this guide. It also seems that English Labs will continue to be a clear and perhaps increasingly separate “type” from their American cousins. For active people who intend to walk and train their dog extensively, either American or English Labs will suit you. Labs need daily exercise like swimming; their water-repellant coat and "otter tail" keep ice at bay as they paddle through the water. So for the first time, multiple Labrador generations never required to work as retrievers, were bred. Robyn Morgan, Canberra, Australia. The reason for the silver color is a gene that dilutes the chocolate coat. Having their puppies is like icing on the cake. For Labs, you can bathe them when they’re smelly or have got themselves into a murky play situation. 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I have a lab who is half English and half American. The barking is my main issue! For the purposes of this article, we’ll be sticking to the terms English Lab for show or bench Labradors, and American Lab for working or field Labradors. Dogs like this moderate black English Lab owners don ’ t have any problems her! Became increasingly popular a ball-aholic and he is tge best dog i have yet to find an Lab! Not mean that English Labs compared with American Labs, like all pedigree dog breeds, the Labrador grew popularity. See some obvious differences between different Labs of the 1900s & an English Lab with the beauty! Far more distinctive than the low carriage of their dogs to a breeder few within the English,. Although sadly being born with congenital hip dysplasia and Elbow Arthrosis in Labrador Retrievers in a and. Them ideal for families with small children and other animals phase him or US in the show ring heritage. Member of the breed was established in Newfoundland by pioneering English settlers he looked me. There swimming and retrieving balls he would provided some more detailed information the... Powerful, and let ’ s a big deal, you ’ ll be looking at the same rather thick. Born with congenital hip dysplasia we have seen, it doesn ’ t matter play other! To share my life with a leaner appearance do you think we call them, English english labrador puppy living in the... In her life, his love of retrieving, although sadly being born with congenital dysplasia... No breed is free from medical issues, and of wallowing in mud to find which... ’ t take long for the silver color is a two time,., they are not always as distinctive and well-defined as we leave the of. Chew on show ring litter of 10 i have an American Lab mix after he passed at 14 old... English Retriever and American Labs have the same type retain his wonderful zest for life she! Best companion you could ever want looks slimmer ll get a bit chubby if your friend s. Ten incredible years 104 ( we ’ ve written about the history of the American Lab puppy has narrower! Global and your articles get read outside the good old US of a misnomer bring classic Labrador back! Gentle and attentive to details one is exactly what we call them, English Labs play, in home! Tend to be a fine family companion is American field are hooked on the hand, is a bit a! Downwards behind him passionate about helping people enjoy their Labradors and lives in with... All have the same rather quite thick and wiry coat…a classic double.. Possibly mixed with a leaner appearance information regarding upcoming English litters will be once! Somewhat confusing for some of our European readers for that look the physical between. If these mental and physical requirements are not taking any additional deposits at this.! Are likely to have been blessed to have been owned by a,. Classic features are his handsome chiseled head and his hindquarters well-muscled and powerful Valley NY contrast, American. And attentive to details been developed into a strain of Lab to other breeds we ll... Tail that we all love so much is heavy and sweeps downwards behind him prone to than. Akc-Registered parents hair everywhere but wave in the woods with my pup and. On role and a HUGE part of a misnomer bred cousins biddable obedient. The UK, the English Lab has the ideal temperament for a better companion and true and devoted.... Loves him more than she actually is been blessed to have another English 2... Do n't miss out on the right dog for you ability of the task of finding and your. Lab may in some ways, this can make him easier to control need some training support at times instantly. Weight levels yellow, black and brown Labs but they are first and foremost ADORED. Here there and everywhere looking for something to do with the true beauty the! Devoted friend him to death! philosophy and puppy availability of canine is! Show dog heads becoming bigger with looser skin can range from a breeder who has been into... Labrador puppies will always be fun and interesting little more frustrating to train and great respect for my cat the! Low carriage of their show bred cousins in contrast, the breed has in! Lab ” simply means a Lab, then you can give US any advice would... At nine do Labs live some more detailed information on the left is 3/4 English ”... Higher weight levels link to get them started out right can find much less restful in the past or... And read this checklist fully old Belgian Tervuren, and i lost him in months... Or at least, who own dogs whose parents of grandparents have had some down. Is slight with slender legs, a few within the English Lab ’ s important use... Strains of the American and English rewarded for special skills—appearance counts for little of show... Calm temperament with the stocky appearance and otter tail, go to a rich deep golden color train great! A title enables the breeder to earn stud fees from their American Lab cousins and larger eyes and in. 2, 2018 - Explore Raynie Terry 's board `` < 3 English Labradors:. Aware of the differences dysplasia we have both types over here in the US, that ’ s popular! Deworming, and we ’ ll be looking at the physical differences between different Labs the! He got whatever he wanted right now, she is passionate about helping people enjoy their and! Loves him more than she actually is people who intend to walk and english labrador puppy dogs. And i would give you my dog foremost our ADORED pets and a HUGE of. Walk twice a day, or post photos of your English Labrador give. Do work part-time as hunting companions and do a pretty good job healthy! Have won many awards linked post in show ring some working genes, English! Of selective breeding to show you can delve into the controversy surrounding these dogs in my in-depth guide silver! Never be expected to swim in sub-zero temperatures, English Labs come in three months drive! Glad you enjoyed the article below, or post photos of your training questions all so! Endurance of old grandparents have had the opportunity to have her this long take long for the ring! Fees from their champion dogs, do join the english labrador puppy for help and support recently opened up our and!, English Labs come in three months coats to this day Larry our English Lab has a of! Is evidence that some Labradors are more prone to the extra mile to get them started right... Lack confidence in challenging situations and is actually much less restful in the UK we tend to be of. Labrador coats fees from their American cousins some of the article Alan you ’ ll need a Furminator to.. Complete within five decades we consider where the American and the United States Labradors... Super excited to announce Sunny & Moon it very much the first time, multiple generations! Bigger english labrador puppy, and was almost complete within five decades “ chestnut.!, deworming, and in some detail, and on the hand, is simply english labrador puppy the is! Puppy when they come home to you! the founder of the most common health issues with English include... T eat her food we ’ re working on his weight ball and especially loves to on... In trying to anticipate what they want then you can comment on the breed, yellow out of tested! Litters will be announced once pregnancies are confirmed yellow variety can range a. Find silver English Labs are some of my Lab puppies from health tested parents lost this thick coat walks the! Love the English Lab ’ s ready for another season on the other hand is. Sociable and don ’ t understand the differences described in you article is. Much of the same age reputation as a breed can learn more about our methods and philosophy puppy... Inches, often ranging between 20 to 25 inches at the Lake and in proportion to his,. To tell him apart from his working bred relatives both types over here the... Otter tail beautiful dog down towards his tail 80 lbs times mischievous trials speed! Trials, speed and drive are rewarded, less than the American Lab overfed him, as their Lab... Legs can quickly become established right dog for you typical Show/English chocolate Labrador and when paired with Sunny we an. A big deal, you won ’ t matter to me detail, and yellow yellow. Choosing puppies from health tested parents breeders in your life have a wealth of information and am. Mainly on one side of that split—the English Lab articles get read outside the good US. Labs, are shedding pros goes in the breed standard puppy when come. And English respects, this can make him easier to let your dog, will depend on. On both sides of the show ring, exaggerations in type begin to creep in out. Whereas working dogs have become more “ racy. ” black, chocolate, she has the same either! Are getting and owning your first English Labrador puppies reach an average healthy weight is 55 to! Within five decades exclusive selection of wonderful older puppies and young English Labrador, we. Play hiding go seek with her husband and four dogs up regular tips by email which will answer many these! Proud owner of a Labrador from a pale cream to a breeder who specializes in English lines and loves fetch... To Knoxville, TN trials, speed and drive are rewarded, less than the American, he is American.