Content is available under these licenses. Bad semantics doesn’t necessarily mean that you used tags im… Content Model: Optional list header(LH), followed by one or more terms(DT) and definitions(DD). Please don't use this package if your system The 3 HTML description list tags are given below:
tagdefines the description list. 内容 初期化パラメータ、メモリロードのタイミングなどサーブレットクラスに対する振る舞いを指定します。ここで指定されたサーブレットクラスの名称はweb.xmlの他のタグから参照されます。 要素の数 0以上 サブ要素 , , , , , content differently. As of iOS 14, VoiceOver will announce that
content is a list when navigating with the virtual cursor (not via the read-all command). How to call a JavaScript Function in Html. The source for this interactive example is stored in a GitHub repository. Good semantics means that the tags are being used well to describe the content. Mail us on, to get more information about given services. To change the indentation of a description term, use the CSS margin property. © 2005-2021 Mozilla and individual contributors. metaタグ(meta要素)は、HTML文書の文字コードや概要、キーワードなど、文書におけるさまざまなメタデータを表します。HTML5におけるmeta要素の意味と使い方、使用できる属性、サンプルコード、使用例について解説し All rights reserved. Some features (it may not be polite to mention them) crow's feet aka laughter lines a sign of maturity that appear at the corners of the eyes wrinkle(s) a sign of maturity which can appear on any part of … Common uses for this element are to implement a glossary or to display metadata (a list of key-value pairs). Description lists are useful for displaying metadata as a list of key-value pairs. Either: Zero or more groups each consisting of one or more
elements followed by one or more
elements, optionally intermixed with