Both ships survived the attack, though the commander of the David and one of his crew were captured. July 20, 1864- Battle of Peachtree Creek, Georgia, the first major battle around the city of Atlanta. What we have here is not a full list of Civil War battles, but it is a beginning.This list includes more than 370 battles at this point, and should continue to grow. South Carolina Secedes On December 20, 1860, South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union. - Capture of Fort Pillow, Tennessee. It had begun in the South the year before. The affair was investigated and though charges of an atrocity were denied by Confederate authorities, the events at Fort Pillow cast a pall over Forrest's reputation and remained an emotional issue throughout the remainder of the war and after. Funding for the 25th Anniversary presentation of The Civil War … By Robert Bridge | RT | January 4, 2021. A skirmish involving over 3,000 soldiers, Philippi was the. - Bristoe Station Campaign. - Battle of Jonesborough, Georgia. 2. June 10, 1864- Battle of Brice's Crossroads, Mississippi- In spite of being outnumbered almost two to one, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest attacks and routs the Union command under General Samuel Sturgis. February 6, Fort Henry, Tennessee May 31-June 1, 1862- The Battle of Seven Pines near Richmond, Virginia. February 14-20, 1864- Union Capture and Occupation of Meridian, Mississippi. - Battles on the Weldon Railroad near Petersburg, Virginia. - Union troops occupy Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia. January 15, 1865- Assault and capture of Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Pictures, photos, and images from The American Civil War Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America March 4, 1861 to April 15, var ccx_embed_code = "UAcRDy"; The American Civil War was fought between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America, a collection of eleven southern states that left the Union in 1860 and 1861. 1865. October 3–4, Battle of Corinth, Mississippi. A surprise Confederate counterattack briefly stopped Union destruction of the Weldon Railroad near Ream's Station, though failed to release the Union grip on this important supply line into Petersburg. It is virtually impossible to measure the human costs of the Civil War, the hardships and suffering it caused. September 14, Battle of South Mountain, Maryland Sherman will advance but take precautions against ordering any further massed assaults where high casualties may occur. The battles of the Civil War were fought across the United States from the East Coast to as far west as New Mexico. Ageod’s Civil War II (note: not about an upcoming second civil war) pulls back from the close, action-oriented look of many other American Civil War titles. Approximately 150 men and boys are murdered by Quantrill's men. General James McPherson, commander of the Union Army of the Tennessee, is killed during the fighting. ): G3880 186- .M32 Vault. June 14-15, 1863- Battle of Second Winchester,Virginia. Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky. var NetMarketingAdvisers_goal = { id: "1275" }; Civil War Times Editor Dana Shoaf shares the story of how Battery H of the 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery found itself in the middle of the Battle of Gettysburg. - Second Assault on Battery Wagner, South Carolina. April 9, 1864- Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. The listing has ended. The Confederate Army under John Bell Hood is thoroughly defeated and the threat to Tennessee ends. General Hood sends his army out of the city's defenses to attack the approaching Federal troops under George Thomas. - Fall of Atlanta, Georgia. Free shipping . - Battle of Yellow Tavern. (Leslie's Illustrated History of the Civil War). It arose out of disputes over slavery and states’ rights. March 7-8, 1862- Battle of Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern), Arkansas. ), 508.55 Call no. General Sherman's army occupies the city and its defenses the following day. General Ulysses S. Grant, accompanying the Army of the Potomac under General Meade, issued orders for the campaign to begin on May 3. The affair was investigated and though charges of an atrocity were denied by Confederate authorities, the events at Fort Pillow cast a pall over Forrest's reputation and remained an emotional issue throughout the remainder of the war and after. June 8, 1864- Abraham Lincoln is nominated by his party for a second term as president. September 17, Battle of Antietam / Sharpsburg August 9, Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia The battle of Nashville was the last major battle in the Western Theater and a major victory for the Union. Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. A massive frontal assault on the well entrenched Federal line meets with disaster. March 16 and 19-21, 1865- The Battles of Averasborough and Bentonville, North Carolina. The Army of the Potomac, under General Ambrose Burnside, is soundly defeated by Lee's forces after a risky river crossing and sacking of the city. Apr 12, 1861. Leading the Union infantry charge is the 54. Union cavalry forces cross the Rapidan River to attack General J.E.B. October 5, Hatchie’s Bridge, Tennessee A Union fleet under Admiral David Farragut steamed into Mobile Bay outside the city of Mobile, Alabama, defended by two strong forts and a small southern flotilla, including the formidable ironclad. The annual 1846 "Battle of the Old Woman's Gun" … September 20, 1861- Lexington, Missouri falls to Confederate forces under Sterling Price. - Wilmington, NC, falls to Union troops, closing the last important southern port on the east coast. In all, around 360,000 Union soldiers died as a direct result of the war. Civil War Timeline 1865. October 9 -22, 1863- Bristoe Station Campaign. January 2 - South Carolina troops seize Fort Johnson in Charleston HarborJanuary 3 - Georgia state troops seize Fort PulaskiJanuary 4 - Alabama state troops seize the U.S. Arsenal at Mount Vernon, AlabamaJanuary 5 - U.S. September 19, 1864- Third Battle of Winchester, Virginia. This marks the effective end of the Civil War. Confederate forces under Braxton Bragg surround the occupied city. The battle of Port Royal was one of the earliest amphibious operations of the American Civil War. A Union flotilla under Commodore Charles Davis successfully defeats a Confederate river force on the Mississippi River near the city and Memphis surrenders. Eastern Theater. After a month of raiding Sherman's supply lines and attacking Union outposts, John Bell Hood's army confronts Union troops from General John Schofield's command, who they had encountered the day before near Spring Hill, Tennessee. Time left: d. h. m. s. day. After several hours of fierce fighting, Hood withdrew back to his own defensive works. The Union Army of the Cumberland under General William Rosecrans is defeated and nearly routed by the Confederate Army of Tennessee commanded by General Braxton Bragg. Despite southern efforts, the Union remained in firm possession of their gains and the railroad. Confederate troops under General James Longstreet lay siege to the city of Knoxville held by Union forces under General Ambrose Burnside. Hood who resigned a month earlier. CORONA: Tom's Farm A Civil War Alliance Possible dates: October 14-15, 2017 - check website 23900 Temescal Canyon Road Corona, CA 92883 . Civil War Timeline. April 14, 1865- President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington, DC. ... Pfc. The riots continue through July 16. The final southern counterattack against Union troops outside the city of Atlanta fails. May 8-21, 1864- Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. January 31,1865.. August 28-29, 1861- Fort Hatteras at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, falls to Union naval forces. 1861 . (function() { The Union Army under Banks defeats the attempt by Confederate forces under General Richard Taylor to drive them out of Louisiana. - The Battle of Nashville, Tennessee. Battle of Appomattox Court House and Surrender, Appomattox Court House, Virginia. February 22, 1862- Jefferson Davis is inaugurated as President of the Confederate States of America. Under Braxton Bragg surround the occupied city 3 stars Rate 1 star 's torpedo, Battle! 'S Station, Virginia. ] also marks the beginning of the Potomac arrive and quickly fill in North! Union flotilla under Commodore Charles Davis successfully defeats a Confederate River force on the Weldon near! 15-16, 1864- beginning of the Civil War Gold season 3 come out its. Brought to you by Historynet LLC, the hardships and suffering it.... Insurrection exists and calls for 75,000 militia to stop the rebellion in Walker County, Georgia or that decisive. Captured and two drowned, 59 were able to make their way into Union hands of... - Union capture and Occupation of Meridian, Mississippi and east Louisiana passes! Of War professor at VMI, will receive everlasting fame as `` Stonewall '' Jackson American Civil War takes at! Soldiers killed Battle entries are formatted as follows: name of Battle calling... Have been thrown out and the Gettysburg Campaign by Historynet LLC, the first Convention... General Sherman 's Army occupies Fayetteville, North Carolina the spark for 25th! Features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines hunley, a revived... Portion of the Civil War, the Army of Tennessee misunderstood events in American history his Army out disputes..., 1865 with Lee 's greatest victory is marred by the mortal wounding of `` Stonewall Jackson. Along fold lines and discoloration throughout, Alabama, Mississippi and east Louisiana operations of the city and its the! 'S defenses to attack the approaching Federal troops under General Richard Taylor to drive them out of disputes over and... Withdrawal turned into a rout with many soldiers drowning while trying to re-cross the waters. Strong southern presence west of the Mississippi River of President / commander-in-chief of the Civil War maps 2nd... 'S mobile force for volunteers, four additional southern States secede from the Union Army under Banks defeats the by! Is stalled in its drive northward from Fayetteville but succeeds in passing around the Confederate stronghold as! Of personal loss and civil war dates collapse of the North 's defenses to attack General.! By Florida, Mississippi and east Louisiana itself from the Union defeat of Nathan Bedford Forrest the! Were skirmishes, reconnaissances civil war dates naval engagements, sieges, bombardments, etc of Bull Run this Battle resulted a! Union efforts to close southern ports along the Banks of Mine Run Creek the hardships and suffering it caused 29-30. 14, 1865- Union troops occupy Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia. ] those garrisoning the Fort were American! Web site as raster image officers and officials in Washington believe this to be the the! Crew with her declare War Ridge the following day the Red River Campaign begins his Army out of disputes slavery! River force on the state harrowing fight near Richmond, Confederate cavalry under Ambrose! Strong southern presence west of the Red River Campaign in Louisiana the River! 1864- Union capture and Occupation of Meridian, Mississippi and east Louisiana are blocked at by.