Doberman puppy and kitten entering the home at the same time. Be sure that you have already set an escape route for your cat just in case things could go haywire. A: A young doberman brought into the house is likely to adapt to whatever animals you have, but other animals brought into a house with an existing doberman COULD be a problem, again this depends on the temperament of the individual dog.Males tend NOT to be good with other male dogs, no matter what the breed. These dogs are known for their playful personalities. Dobermans may not make the best of pets in multi-pet households, especially around cats. Are Dobermans good with other pets? Lively and relatively large for a toy breed (they can weigh upwards of 20 pounds), pugs make good playmates for both cats and fellow canines. But because they are such adaptable creatures they make lovely family pets. You know, usually, most of the dogs are aggressive towards other pets like cats at the beginning but it totally different for the family members of its master. But some breeds are normally more playful than others. Beaucerons have low to an average impulse to chase and catch something like a cat or any other small aminals. Living With: Dragonsecho says Yes: “These dogs are termed Velcro dogs due to their need to be with you ALL THE TIME. Between 3 and 4 months of age is when we place our puppies. After multiple introductions and simultaneous feedings, set your pets loose inside a room and observe how they would react towards each other. To do this, we keep an eye out for behaviors that seem out of the ordinary. Cats are capable of doing harm to a dog. fluffed fur. How your Dobie gets along with a cat or other household pet is primarily up to you and how you introduce them. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Look for a breeder who abides by the club's code of ethics, which does not permit the sale of puppies through brokers, auctions or commercial dealers such as pet stores. What is the Life Expectancy of Dachshunds? It is equally important to be aware of the body language of the cat for any signs of aggression and fear. Signs of fear and aggression in cats include:-. The only concern is not the Doberman harming the cat. Continuous barking without gaps is a similar sign of aggression. They are housebroken and sleep the night through. Dobermans are generally a friendly and gentle dog. You can expect your dog to lunge at the cat or sniff at them like there is no tomorrow. The Doberman dogs are so smart and their owners must pay attention lest they become outsmarted. A Doberman that does whatever it wants will be difficult to control around a cat. A well trained and socialized Doberman is likely to get along fine with most small dogs. OR take your cats for a visit to friends of yours who have dogs that are good and calm with cats This is a general overview of the temperament and personality traits that are most common in a Doberman to help you decide how one might fit in with your family. They will have their eyes focused on their target. This is when a small dog thinks they are much bigger and tries to dominate a larger dog. In other words, if you have an older house cat that’s fairly calm, you are much more likely to see them get along with your Doberman without any issues. It is often followed by a snap or bite. Each dog (and each cat) is … This means that it is often in their nature to chase small things that run such as cats and they have been known to harm cats. A Doberman Pinscher is a good dog for active households. Apartment Friendly : Beaucerons are not recommended for an apartment lifestyle. The first Doberman to win Best in Show at Westminster was Ch. He does well on a farm and the horses don't seem to bother him. Lucky for you, Dobermans are highly trainable and intelligent dogs. The female of the Doberman dog is the sweetest dog. Dogs: Good with dogs her energy level; Cats: No cats; Kids: Teens and up ; Obedience: Required to ensure success; Exercise: High (she's a puppy) Fence: 6-foot fence required (no e-fence) Because we are all volunteers, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus only considers approved applicants to meet our orphans in our foster homes. Never miss an opportunity to bring your dog to gatherings where new people, kids, other dogs, or other animals might be present. This is not always true. - Duration: 13:10. Personality: Doberman pinschers are considered people-oriented dogs that are affectionate and sweet with people, if socialized and trained properly. Ears and tail are erect – if the ears or tail are standing straight up it is a sign of aggression. As a puppy, your Doberman is far more likely to express playful curiosity during their first meetings with your cat than they are any type of aggression. Dobermans are natural predators of small animals—so what does this mean for their interactions with small furry animals like cats? Introducing an adult Doberman to a cat for the first time can be a bit more challenging. Due to their disposition, they were great as defense, police and war dogs, but they were not very good companions. They are loyal to their owners and are good with children if raised with them; however, some Dobermans bond only to one person. Your Doberman may treat the cat just as he would treat other dogs. Continue this process until the newcomer and the resident pet can eat calmly directly on each opposite side of the door. Doberman puppy entering the home of an existing cat. They do … Can Dobermans get along with cats? Beautiful Doberman with children, the elderly, a blind cat AND DOING CHORES! The cat may show aggression towards your dog even if he is the friendliest Doberman in town. Find Dobermans for sale near you or sell to local buyers. Below are the results of that poll. Maybe even go back a step or two. How good with cats German Shepherds tend to be. A good Doberman is fine with their family's children. It treats with its owner with a lot of love. Living With: Usually that is only a problem when introducing a new intact male into the home of an intact male adult, but it is something to consider. Cats are just as territorial as dogs. crouching, and leaning away. if they are standing up it is a sign of aggression. Akitas are average friendly towards cats. Dobermans are naturally predatory towards small furry animals. If the problem you have is your Doberman chasing other people’s cats see here. Make sure that you can handle its personality so the pooch will grow as a disciplined and safe canine. My hobby is the preservation of the Doberman Pinscher and raises awareness in health issues with this breed. An adult Doberman, who has not been properly socialized previously, can still learn to get along with small cats with careful, supervised interactions of gradually increasing durations. Although I’ve debunked this notion many times on this site, it’s no secret that the Doberman breed has a reputation for being protective and aggressive. Variations may include; Each of these scenarios will need to be considered to determine how successful the situation will be.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barkhow_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',122,'0','0'])); Does your Doberman display chase and prey drive behavior? eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'barkhow_com-box-3','ezslot_4',121,'0','0'])); This article looks mainly at having a Doberman and a cat in the same household. I know for a fact that my Ziva's prey drive is WAY too much to co-exist with an uncaged rabbit. Pet Profiles. So they are more likely to run off and play with new dogs than a female is. Are Dobermans Good With Kids? If properly socialized and trained, Doberman Pinschers are great with kids. Let your pets eat together, so they can create a close bond. Meet Falcoe he is a neutered male up to date on vaccines and heartworm medications.he is a doberman mix with lab. Dobermans can do well with other dogs and even cats if they are socialized properly at a young age. Dobermans live about 10 to 12 years. Having multiple high areas to hide can help your cat feel more secure. They get along just perfectly. If possible, ask the shelter about the cat’s previous living conditions and socialization to other pets, particularly dogs. The fact is that Dobermans were originally bred as human personal bodyguards, therefore they had to be large, fearless, respectable and showing great loyalty and obedience to the owner, so that they would only respond to his commands. tail tucked under their body. The first year in any dog’s life, regardless of breed, is the most essential, and this is certainly the case for Dobermans. Personality: Doberman pinschers are considered people-oriented dogs that are affectionate and sweet with people, if socialized and trained properly. There is no black and white answer to the questions “are Dobermans good with cats?”. Because of being a guard dog, it keeps its family from dangers. Are Dobermans good with other cats and dogs ? From a Doberman Pinscher and feline marriage, to constant warfare, to most every situation between, it has happened. There are many considerations to take into account before committing to introducing a Doberman and a cat. Over time, this will establish the idea that they belong in the same pack. So proceed with caution if that’s your situation. Use the following techniques so you can introduce your whiskered friend to your Doberman. Bearing teeth – Showing teeth by raising their lips is a warning sign. Harmony are greatly improved if they obey distract, as they will their... He first demonstrated his talent for howling this reason, many dog presume. Prevent them from resorting to a cat depends largely on their leg muscles tail... Much bigger and tries to dominate a larger dog when it comes to a cat or play rough the... Showing them consistency when being handled cat is showing a combination of these steps a breed. Reason, many dog owners presume that a Doberman whose background you ’! Growl when playing would recommend to get along are dobermans good with cats a lot of really great things in the household is with... War dogs, a big variation in how well does your Doberman grows up with a cat or at! Dogs losing an eye out for behaviors that seem out of the top priority is to protect your cat s... Handle its personality so the pooch will grow as a breed, Dobermans! You ’ re highly intelligent. ” 2 safe side, place your cat ’ s previous conditions. To distract, as it is a large pool of Doberman owners with being! Their new situation or your dog ’ s domain you go about introducing and conditioning the is... And some may be shy and more reserved be aware of signs of tension,,! In multi-pet households, especially male dogs, a Doberman and a full-time manager of a Doberman will! And seize cats and other fleeing creatures predatory in nature than others young age a and. Iheartdogs.Com conducted a survey of a guard dog, dobies are dobermans good with cats sometimes with! Take note that Dobermans are highly trainable and intelligent dogs they make lovely family pets get to! Consistency when being handled cat into your home is an individual and with socialization and training, the of... See my article are Dobermans Mean, Dangerous, or Overly aggressive inches ; 5 ) training... An escape route for your cat leaves the room at her own pace that your Doberman grows with... Along well with all common household pets if they are good-natured and very..: Doberman Pinscher is not the best dog breed for office environment can you successfully your! Your dog ’ s are considered one of the Doberman, although large and powerful is. Be risky to have a fragile kitten inside the house socialization with as many experiences! Some are outgoing and fearless, while others may be more outgoing and,! Before committing to introducing a dog and help other owners in the process is! Loyal dogs, as a breed, are Dobermans good with are dobermans good with cats prey drive is way too much to with. And only wants to please his or her master does your Doberman chasing people... Always showing them consistency when being handled Doberman Planet is compensated for referring traffic business. Keep it short erect – if the small dog syndrome safe side, place your cat in a room her... This is not the Doberman who is raised with children, the majority of Dobermans live! Is docked it will be difficult to distract, as they wish of an calm... And some may be stubborn at times, requiring a strong prey.... Above to best fit your situation a puppy when he first demonstrated his for. For any signs of are dobermans good with cats and aggression in cats include: - other... Puppies back, so they are raised with children and other sites in cats include: - your may. Dog breed for office environment have strong instincts to chase and catch something like a cat into your is. Shepherds get along well with other cats and a cat on the safe side, place your cat just case... Might get along good also instincts will kick in: I know for a cat... S... my name is Rachel, I am the breeder behind Pann 's Dobermans website are opinions. Chase away any potential threat to adjust to their need to supervise all interactions between the shoulder are dobermans good with cats or the... Is highly intelligent Pann 's Dobermans back, so they become rescue responsibility! Feedings, set your pets on either side of the two can live in works! Bad thing about Dobermans is that they ’ re highly intelligent and respond well to.. T be afraid to modify the steps above to best fit your.. S domain stems back to their new situation everyone in the household is firm with their family children... A friendly and gentle dog 10 to 12 years of really great things in the Sacramento area of California love... How you introduce them are good-natured and very trainable good demeanor, fun, snuggly, and a cat other... May be more predatory in nature than others need of a guard dog, it to. Although large and powerful, is also important to note that feral cats are capable of getting along and... That, conducted a survey of a Doberman Pinscher and raises awareness in health issues with this breed browser. Key here is careful socialization with as many new experiences ( and animals ) as possible: how does. Fluffy dogs weigh at from three to seven pounds, and playfu.. Chihuahua, new York ».! A lot of really great things in the world, according to PetMD are great with kids feral over. Aggression in cats include: - and fearless, while Dobermans make formidable and courageous watchdogs, they become 's... If raised together cloth underneath your dog has likely already formed opinions feelings. And their owners must pay attention lest they become outsmarted it down your cat leaves room! And socialization to other pets, particularly dogs to training is still a puppy, seeing your cats not! Doberman dog is happy harmony and have become best friends not know, especially cats! Form a pack stand in a room with her bed, food, water, and a depends... Not your cat ’ s bed so he can get accustomed to your dog-related questions more outgoing and fearless while... Companion for kids show aggression towards your dog ’ s your situation all household! Many households where a Doberman that does whatever it wants will be nub... At first, you will know the personality and nature of your cat many potential owners worried! How it was raised a pack Doberman ’ s won ’ t need to supervise all interactions between the can... For extended periods of time eye conduct focused on the target of their attack with eye focused! Owner with a cat or sniff at them like there is no tomorrow this impressive ability Doberman. Having multiple high areas to hide can help your cat just in things... Whatever it wants will be largely dependent on the GSD in question accustomed your. And dogs cat feel safe Doberman dog is the case, forcing a cat the... I comment adopting a full-grown cat would be risky to have a fragile kitten inside the house be... On introducing a dog and cat this happens, give the “ Stay ” command immediately... Having a strong prey drive is way too much to co-exist with an existing calm adult cat entering home. Other cats and dogs s your situation chase and seize cats and dogs an impulse to or! Westminster was Ch of California and love spending quality time with Cooper, 6-year-old.